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10 Hacks For Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

After months of tedious planning and spending thousands, wedding gown cleaning and preservation should be a priority to ensure you look flawless on your big day. From the time you make your dream purchase to after the wedding, it’s important to treat your dress with extreme care and caution. Knowing a few techniques to remove on-the-spot stains and rips can come in super handy on your special day. Prolong the beauty and lifespan of your flowing piece of loveliness by following these simple hacks.

Al Gawlik - via Praise Wedding

Pre-wedding Care

• Hang your wedding gown by the loops inside which are connected to the side seam. This will prevent your dress from stretching and sagging.

• Refrain from hanging your gown from a ceiling fan or light fixtures.

• Storing your bridal gown in an attic or garage is not recommended because of the extreme temperature and humidity changes present in the air which causes rapid discolouration.

• Be mindful that white garments, especially silk, discolour when exposed to sunlight.

• Avoid storing your wedding dress in plastic garment bags as they emit fumes which can yellow your gown and trap moisture, encouraging the growth of mildew. Instead, wrap a clean sheet around it to protect against light and dust.

On The Big Day

• Know your fabrics in order to tackle stains promptly. Fabrics such as silk are water sensitive and best cleaned by softly blotting and drying the water spills with a clean towel.

• Make up stains and oil spills are likely to occur at some stage  during the course of the day. In order to counter such mishaps, keep cornstarch or baby powder in your emergency bridal kit. By lightly coating the stain, the oil will be absorbed, camouflaging it. Even if the stain is stubborn, do not rub the area. Remove the excess powder after 15 minutes.

• In the case of wine and other beverage spills, avoid applying water or detergents, as this may spread the stain and destroy the fabric. Immediately sponge or dab the stain with club soda or cool water and blot the area dry with a towel or cotton ball.

• Avoid using alcohol-based products like hair sprays and perfumes after you are fully dressed. Apply these products beforehand and cover your attire with a towel or scarf.

• Keeping a stack of safety pins nearby could save the day in the event of a disaster. These small wonders can prevent wardrobe malfunctions from tears, broken zips to loose straps.

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