What To Include In Your Wedding Invitation Suite

It’s time to start planning your wedding invitations, and there’s a bit more that goes into your wedding invitation suite than you might think…

We know your head is already spinning from the whirlwind that is planning a wedding, but you’re not in it alone! Picking out the design, packaging and integral parts that make up your invites is key. So, we’re here to help guide you on your way to providing everything your guests should now leading up to your big day. There’s nothing worse than leaving our important details that could make both your life and theirs easier!  So save yourself all the calls and emails asking questions by including the following in your wedding invitation suite:

Wedding Invite

This should be, without a doubt, the most obvious item to include. However, sometimes couples overlook key details that should be included on the main wedding invite. So make sure to include details such as time, date, ceremony location, and/or the reception location. Double check and check again.. just in case.

Reception Card

I reception card is handy if your wedding ceremony and reception are going to be held at separate locations. The reception card will help indicate the type of event and how formal it will be. For example, receptions held before 1 pm should indicate a ‘breakfast reception’ while anything later is simply a ‘reception.’

Response Card

The response card will be sent back to you to indicate whether or not your guests will be able to attend. It’s best to include a pre-stamped envelope for their convenience. The response card is also where you should include a selection of meal choices (if any) and if you’re allowing them to bring a plus one this is where they can check ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and include the guest’s name.


Kep in mind, that there’s a good chance some of your wedding guests will be travelling just to attend your big day. Include directions to the ceremony and/or reception venues or even a map.

Accommodations Card

Again, if guests are making a trip, include an accommodation card with the names and contact details for nearby hotels. You won’t need to send these to every guest, just those from out of town.


if you’re planning for a weekend-long wedding, include times and details of each event from your welcome drinks to your day after breakfast. This will also be helpful so guest can pack accordingly.

Inner Envelope

The inner envelope is wher you should clearly place the names of your invited wedding guests. If your guest will have a specific plus one, both names should be indicated. If they are allowed any plus one, it should say their name “and Guest.”  This is also the ideal place to indicate whether or not children are invited. For example, if you are inviting a family the invite should be addressed to the “The Smiths” but if only the parents are invited it should state only their names.

Outer Envelope

Don’t forget the stamp on your outer envelope and of course the addresses of your invitees.

Belly Band

The belly band or invitation wrapper is what helps hold all the parts of your wedding invitation suite together. This is a great way to add a little detail to your suite in the form of an accent colour, ribbon or any other additional sparkle.


With all the extra stationary included in your wedding invitation suite, there’s a chance you’ll need to account for extra postage. Head down to the post office and have your invitation weighed to see how much you’ll need to postage you’ll actually need.

See a list of suppliers to get started creating your own wedding invitation suite here.



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