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The Pros + Cons Of All-Inclusive Wedding Packages

If you’re newly-engaged or on the hunt for your dream venue, the word ‘all-inclusive’ will more than likely pop up everywhere you turn. Package deals are a fantastic value option, but like everything else, they aren’t for everyone.

Before you make that all-important decision, it’s best to sit down and think about what you really want from your special day. Most wedding venues are extremely flexible when it comes to bringing your vision to life, so don’t be afraid to chat with your Wedding Coordinator about bespoke options and ideas. We decided to weigh up some of the pros and cons in a handy little list below:


Saves Time & Less Stress

If you are planning a wedding at home from abroad, or if you simply can’t wait to tie the knot and have booked your big day with a short lead-in time, an all-inclusive package will be your savior! Similarly, for the busy working couple or the indecisive bride-to-be, it can eliminate a LOT of unwanted stress. Your available options will be laid out clearly, allowing you to avoid unnecessary time-wasting and make clear cut-throat decisions. Better again if supplier services are included as part of the deal. Depending on what is included, you may not need to research and source a wedding cake, DJ or ballroom decor, which can be draining for even the most eager of brides.

Better Value & Added Extras

Lucrative wedding packages can boast some fantastic perks! These can range from a complimentary candy cart for your reception, two complimentary bedrooms for the parents of the newlyweds and even a day after party so your guests can continue the celebrations. These added extras may not have been on your wedding radar due to budget constraints, but a prospective all-inclusive package may just allow you to incorporate those added extras you always dreamed of.


Not For The Couple Seeking Something Unique

Generally, wedding packages are recycled templates. The venue’s previous wedding will more than likely have had the same decor, menu, DJ, up-lighting and arrivals reception. Take or give a few minor add-on details and your colour scheme or theme. If you’re hoping to host a one-of-a-kind celebration, set in a quirky location with lots of details to reflect your personality, then an all-inclusive wedding package is most definitely not for the alternative couple.

The Listed Suppliers May Not Be Your Preference

Some venues will collaborate with local suppliers to incorporate their services into a wedding package. The idea here is to offer their trusted recommendations and make your life a little easier while trying to give you a better deal. But, what happens if the vendor’s vibes aren’t to your taste? Check out each listed supplier on their respective social media channels and website to be fully aware of what is on offer. If their is a particular photographer or wedding cake designer you had in mind, simply mention your plans to your potential venue and if the cost can be factored out of the package.

Some Packages Can Be Misleading

This is a rare occurrence. If the wedding package on offer seems too good to be true, then it probably is! Do a bit of research beforehand, and be sure to read all the fine print. Some packages may be bulked out to appear as if the couple is getting a better deal. For example, it may state that fairylight backdrops and chair covers are included in the overall price. But, it’s more than likely that every wedding celebrated at the venue will feature these add-on decor details anyway.

Image Credit: Still Miracle Photography via Unsplash.


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