Holy Matrimony: How To Create The Ultimate Wedding Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are a beautifully unique way of capturing your special day. A fabulous alternative to the traditional wedding photo album, a wedding scrapbook allows you to put your own creative spin on commemorating the big day. From handy photography tips to theme and layout inspiration, today we’ll show you how to create the ultimate wedding scrapbook that captures the magic of your wedding for eternity.

Camera equipment

Wedding photographers can be expensive – so, to really add that personalised touch to your wedding scrapbook while saving precious pounds, think about taking a DIY approach to your wedding day photos.

This doesn’t mean having to invest in expensive cameras and equipment, either. Vintage-style photos are on trend in 2018, and you can achieve that retro look through the use of disposable cameras. Not only will they look authentic as can be in your scrapbook, but they’re also super cheap.

Consider handing out multiple disposables to your guests throughout the day, giving them the freedom to take their own photos. This will capture some wonderfully candid moments a photographer almost certainly wouldn’t have caught, and is a simple but powerful way to involve your guests on the day.

If retro isn’t your style, strategically placing GoPros around the dancefloor will capture some classic evening pics without anyone having to bear the burden of photographer. As the drinks start to flow and your guests shed their inhibitions, the GoPros will capture some hilarious snaps perfect for the scrapbook – and probably a few better left out!


While those dancefloor snaps will make a brilliant addition to the latter end of your scrapbook, it’s those classic wedding photos that will provide the truly special memories.

Be sure to collect snapshots of all of the big moments from the ceremony, from walking down the aisle to your first kiss as a married couple – as well as iconic evening moments like the best man’s speech, the cutting of the cake and, of course, the all-important first dance.

Gather together the best of your guests’ photos from the disposables, trying to include pictures of as many guests as you can within the collection. A combination of candid and staged shots will provide a vibrant and emotional overview of your big day, and will keep you smiling whenever you look back at those photos for years to come.


Theming your scrapbook will help to tie everything together seamlessly and create a cohesive aesthetic. Take inspiration from your wedding day, using the same colour scheme for your scrapbook and including subtle elements such as writing in lyrics from your first dance song, or your favourite lines from the speeches. Cute extras such as these will really add that personalised touch of your scrapbook, giving it some unique personality.


To keep things fresh, avoid sticking to the same image dimensions and formats throughout the book. Failing to shake up your layout will result in a more monotonous outcome, while also reducing space for added personalisation. Instead, play around with different sizes, cutting them into different shapes, and positioning them in different places around the page.

When ordering the pages, there are various options to choose from (such as alphabetical, chronological or by theme) – but generally speaking, chronological works best. This will enable you to relive your wedding day from start to finish in vivid detail, every time you flick through the pages.

The little things

Small mementos from your big day will make for charming personal additions to your scrapbook. From invitations and save the date cards to place cards and confetti pieces, little souvenirs like these not only add bags of character to your scrapbook, but also serve as precious memories you’ll cherish forever.

 Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings on Unsplash


Following these tips will help you find a one-of-a-kind way to capture all the best moments from your big day in a scrapbook, ensuring those timeless memories really do last forever.



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