Top Questions To Ask When Hiring Your Wedding Videographer

A wedding video may seem excessive to some, but having the opportunity to relive the best day of your lives sounds pretty good to us!

Couples that opt to add this extra coverage of their day are more than delighted with the extra memories. But before you go signing any contracts, there are a few crucial questions you should be asking any potential vidoegraphers…

What will the sound setup be like?

Sound is obviously a key feature to your wedding video, so be sure to get the down low on how your heartfelt words will be recorded on the day. Depending on the videographer, you might have a boom hanging around, or a microphone clipped discreetly to your wedding gown. Whatever the case may be, make sure to ask beforehand and clarify what you’d like recorded to avoid any surprises or even worse, disappointment.

How many cameras will be on us through the day?

Do you want your film crew to blend in or do you want to feel like to paparazzi have gotten a VIP pass to your big moment? Asking how many cameras to expect will not only prepare you for how extra people hovering but also give you a better idea the footage that will be captured throughout the day.

What music will be in the video?

Depending on the vibe you’re going for, music will play a huge role in the overall feel of your wedding video. Think about whether you want something that triggers emotion or is more lighthearted. Some videographers will aks you to pick a song, however; others might choose a tune based off of their experience on the day. If you have a strong opinion, be sure to communicate this clearly before signing the contract.

What will the turnaround time for the video be?

There’s nothing worse than waiting ages for your wedding photos and videos, but know that these things do take time when done well! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask about turnaround times and an estimated date for your big showing.

How long will the actual video be?

Prices and the length of your wedding video may vary. You might want a shorter video focusing all the highlights and/or a longer cut that includes the full ceremony and other special moments. Be sure to ask what each price point will cover and communicate your vision so the videographer will know what to include and what to cut if you are only paying for a certain amount of footage in the final copy.

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Photo by Andreas Rønningen on Unsplash

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