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With twenty years in the weddings industry, you couldn’t ask for more when planning your special day. Kimberly, at the White Horse Hotel in Derry, is a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to weddings and even better, she has a true love for and devotion to each wedding she helps create! You can rest assured that with a wedding co-ordinator like Kimberly at your side, your day will be a dream come true.

Learn more about Kimberly’s experience, the latest wedding trends, and what sets weddings at White Horse Hotel apart from the rest…

The Planning Passion

“I’ve worked in all operational departments of the Hotel as a manager l but always really enjoyed working at events, so I made the conscious decision to move into the events department and work my way up from a co-ordinator to the Conference & Events Manager.  I now work as the Sales & Marketing manager but still co-ordinate all the weddings as I love this part of my job.”

The Highlights

“Being part of a new couple’s next chapter of their lives is a truly amazing experience. Taking them through their journey from initial booking to celebrating their wedding day, you get to know your couple and want to ensure you give them the most amazing day of their lives. So when you see them arrive at the hotel looking stunning you can’t help feeling emotional and bursting with pride for them both, this is the magical moment for me.  And now it is my turn to give them and their guests an amazing day.”

At The White Horse Hotel

“The White Horse is a fabulous venue, just outside the city, so there are some amazing countryside areas for photos.  We are a quirky venue with an Art Deco Entrance to the hotel. We only host one wedding a day so the full focus is on our wedding couple and all their guests.”

“We have three amazing rooms the Eglinton Suite which can hold up to 30 guests, the Campsey Suite which can hold up to 110 guests and our Willsboro Ballroom which can hold up to 350 guests.  The two larger rooms are on our ground floor and have their own bar and bathroom facilities.  Both rooms are modern in style with amazing chandeliers and lighting.  We are like a blank canvas for our couple to create their own ideas, whether it is with our coloured lighting system and backdrops or working with a room dressing specialist to create the style they want in the comfort of a venue that has everything their guests need from accommodation to catering facilities.”

A Word of Advice

“Work out what your budget and stick to it. Make sure you know exactly what it is you get in your wedding package. And don’t be afraid to ask for a discount or something you could get thrown in for free from all your suppliers! We have created packages for all budgets out there.”

Favourite Memories

“The most memorial wedding I will always remember was when the bride and groom wanted to do their first dance to Moulin Rouge with the movie running on the Big Screen behind them. The bride and groom had brought in the CD of the music and DVD of the film to be played on their laptop.  This was all set up after the meal with the section of the movie and song they were going to dance to ready on pause to be hit by the groomsmen once the couple were ready to dance.  As the couple make their grand entrance the groomsmen were waiting patiently ready to hit the buttons.  As the bride who wore a full-length red wedding gown and the groom dressed in his tux wedding suit made their way onto the floor and got into their positions to do the dance of Moulin Rouge when Nichole Kidman and Ewan McGregor sing “Come what May” the boys hit the pause buttons on their laptop. Unknowing to them if they have had a CD or DVD sat on pause for a long period of time the film or music jumps. So let’s just say there had to be a take two of the first dance!”

Popular Trends

“Shabby chic was in for so long, but now it seems to be changing slightly with rose gold tones coming in with lace effects and also the flowers colours are becoming bolder, though that will also be with the change of the seasons.”

Favourite & Least Favourite Trends

“Favourite trend – Naked wedding cakes love them they look so pretty and they are so much easier to cut!”

“Least Favourite wedding trends – Balloons whether it is arches or those that fall from the ceiling with a net or ones on the centre of tables or balloons filled with balloons!!!!.  You are just praying that none of them burst or fly off.”

The Strange or Unique

“The transport is always been a good one when it comes to strange,  maybe not for the Bride & Groom as it does have meaning for them.  But the best ones I’ve seen are Tractors, Fire Engines, Arctic Lorries, Trailers and the best one is a cross between a motorbike and a VW Beetle.”

Ally Vogl

Ally is the Content and Social Media Exec here at WeddingDates HQ. Beyond being obsessed with all things weddings, she loves a good cup of coffee and splurging on beauty products.

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