Will Brexit Delay Your Wedding Plans?

Valentines Day is here…and that means even more engaged couples will begin their wedding planning journeys!

As you’re planning the big day, you might find yourself slightly obsessed with the hottest trends or be tirelessly searching for tips on how to save yourself from the inescapable wedding planning stress. Well, in attempts to make your life easier we’ve analysed the data of our 2017 UK Wedding Survey and have some helpful insights to point you in the right direction when creating your dream wedding day.

We’ve recently gathered insight from over 1,000 married, engaged, and single men and women across the UK to provide us with their thoughts on all things weddings. All of these details not only help the team here at WeddingDates tell great stories, but it will also assist venues by communicating what their future wedding couples and wedding guests find important. Some wedding themes and traditions often stay the same over the years, but we found some interesting new trends that will influence the way you plan your upcoming nuptials.

Take a look at how many people spend under £15,000 on their wedding and how many guests think its okay to post to social media before the couple!






Ally Vogl

Ally is the Content and Social Media Exec here at WeddingDates HQ. Beyond being obsessed with all things weddings, she loves a good cup of coffee and splurging on beauty products.

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