writing your own vows

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

At the beginning of a new project, it can seem really exciting. Writing your own wedding vows seem like a great idea in sentiment. Until you actually make that first attempt!

Once you get started, it look becomes obvious that you are not a present day Shakespeare. No, you’re not the first person to assume that you’re love is so unique that it could transcend all other vows created before it!

To save you from stealing the monologue of a sappy movie (“I’m just a girl, standing in front of a guy”), here are some top tips to coming up with your own wedding vows.

Know Your Audience

Relying on a joke or pop culture humour may not have the desired effect intended (your aunt won’t know what YOLO means). Instead, as you are writing, put your mind in the guest’s who will be listening to your speech and think about how they will hear it.

Use Clichés Sparingly

Is he ‘your best friend’? You’re probably ‘the luckiest girl in the world’ too! While this may be true to how you feel, it will bore the life out of your guests. Sometimes clichés are there for a reason and can help get to the root of what you are trying to say and where you want to finish up with your vows. Just don’t make it sound like you’ve read too many Twilight books. Including some romantic wedding poetry in your vows could be an easier way for you to express yourself.

Feedback is essential For Your Wedding Vows

Do you have a friend who has to speak in front of large groups on a regular basis? Maybe you know someone who has written some amazing wedding vows. Either way, get someone you trust to shed some light and give your feedback. You never know, they may see an opportunity you have missed or see something that can be edited out.

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