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Andrew Miller Photography Map PinBramble Cottage, Llanvair Discoed, Wentwood Road, Monmouthshire


Bristol photographer – Andrew Miller
When I see the words “Documentary Photographer”…
…coupled with text that says stuff like…
…”I don’t stop what you’re doing, I don’t interrupt, get in the way or get you to pose for the camera, I’m a ninja in the background” etc etc …
…paired with photographs of (for example) a confetti shot with all the guests arranged around the B&G but with a big space for the “documentary” photographer to capture it all or perhaps a couple who have been expertly position and posed to within an inch of their lives in some remote woodland area, I call BS on the documentary bit!
I don’t do that fake documentary stuff.
I organise, arrange and craft wedding memories. And then take (possibly embarrassing but 100% accurate) unposed, unnoticed, unseen, unheard (Really. My cameras are 100% silent. I could take wedding photographs with the Pope officiating, with my camera body poking over his left shoulder and he wouldn’t hear the shutter. ) truly documentary images when you’re not expecting it.
I do documentary photography. I do product photography. I do fashion photography. I help you craft memories and then help you put those memories in print with amazing wedding albums.

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