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Anthony Naylor Company offer some of the finest examples of wedding photography the UK has to offer. We specialise in a range of photography styles and themes, never boring always upbeat.

The goals of Anthony Naylor Company are to push the boundaries of standard wedding photography. They aim to capture emotion and magic in every image, to create a timeless shot of that one precious moment, to inject passion into each and every photo. While one couple may want their wedding photography to be natural, another couple may prefer more formal images: Anthony Naylor Company are happy to match the wedding photography style to that of the couple.

Providing a blend of contemporary and innovative photography featuring brilliantly composed images and spontaneous styles, Anthony Naylor Company leave no aspect of a wedding shoot unexplored, considering all the possibilities and watching carefully for the numerous little interactions that take place when a group or family and friends get together.

Some would say much of what we shoot is wedding photojournalistic but it’s far more creative, it’s our visual experimentation and off centre thinking that makes Anthony Naylor Company sought after and respected photographic artists.

I think we’re appealing to people who don’t just want a photographer, they want a particular type of photography that’s a bit more contemporary, more relaxed, and, to be fair, a bit more 'magazine style'.

As a UK based wedding photography specialist, Anthony Naylor Company's photographers formal photographic training, years of experience, and group exploartion into many photojournalistic styles, means that through their wedding photogrpahy they can help realise anyone's wedding dreams.

And with a background stretching far beyond the realms of standard photography and into graphic design, we have the experience, know how and knowledge to create fantastic one off albums, personal to you personified by us.

Anthony Naylor Company is not just a small time one man band – this helps your special day run smoothly. For instance, if one of the photographers were ill or anything there is always professional back up cover. And if one of their cameras failed which incidentally has never happened, well, no surprise here - they all have a backup camera. To top this off, for utmost reassurance and because of their professional status as qualified members of the British Institute of Professional Photography and governed by a code of conduct they are obliged to have professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

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