Brian Sanders - Professional Toastmaster

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Brian Sanders brings to the profession of toastmastering a vast knowledge and experience gained over a period exceeding 50 years of service in the hospitality and leisure industry, part of which was spent running his own company.

Trained at the Professional Toastmasters' Academy, you can count on Brian to provide you with some really professional advice, making the preparation for your special event that much easier. But more especially on the day, you will be able to confidently rely on Brian to take much of the weight off your shoulders. With Brian co-ordinating all of the providers of services and entertainment on the day in a truly professional manner, you will be able to enjoy the occasion with your guests, free of worries.

Brian likes to think of himself as a father/grandfather figure helping and caring for the detail of the day and ensuring the event progresses seamlessly. Give Brian a call or eMail him, he will be glad to answer any of your questions.

By the way, the whiskers are free!!

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