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Fern Photography Map Pin7 Plummer Court, Dalkeith
Seeking light, love and laughter. We offer natural and authentic wedding images to modern couples.


When we photograph weddings we focus on authenticity. The real moments of happiness and joy taking place. How do we do that?
It’s down to our personal approach to planning for your wedding. From the moment we meet you we ensure that when the wedding day arrives we’re photographing friends, not clients. That’s the secret to natural, emotional images of your wedding.
What about amazing portraits? Yes, we do those too. They’re made by knowing you as a couple and what makes you special. An image of genuine affection is created by a photographer who knows you well.
We offer as standard to every couple a pre-wedding session before the day and unlimited photography time at the wedding because telling the story of your wedding day means being there for the whole journey. We’re passionate about what we do because you deserve nothing less!

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