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JAVIER ALVAREZ Photography Map Pin220 Sandbanks Road, Lilliput Poole, Dorset


I may say I capture your soul from the slightest glance I can get from you... -if you are a truly sensitive artist you know what I´m talking about-, but is not only your eyes, it maybe your hands, your hair, your steps, even your shadow...
The universe of forms, colors, textures, lights and shadows, have always been a great challenge for me. Catching those expressions from nature, and from human being itself, has become an obsession. The aesthetics and plasticity I can find in photography have the lovely magic to provoke emotions with an element that is even more captivating, spontaneity. In my pictures, it´s always my goal that the elements involved reflect spontaneity. They must be honest, just as the camera is spontaneous and sincere. I think if you get caught from one of my pictures for more than a few seconds, or return to it in the future then I´m doing a good job! 
Besides of Photography I am also passionate about reading -Vargas Llosa my favorite- cinema, surprising my wife with beautiful flowers, architecture, travelling, and dogs!

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