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We curate the idea of taking distinct, fine art wedding pictures which become your first family visual heritage to leave behind. It’s also crucial to us that on the wedding day, we build a great relationship not only with you but with your families and friends too, so they actually do enjoy being around us.


We are Jay and Jack – London Wedding Photographerand the creative duo behind Jay Kowalik Photography.

Wedding photography should be considered an art, and this is something that we truly believe in.

Seeing everything without being seen…being everywhere without being felt…We like to have an invisible presence while creatively capturing all the memorable aspects of our couples' special day.

Follow the link to watch our video: PORTFOLIO SLIDESHOW

Our photography does not simply record how things look. We document organic moments and take photographs that capture real feelings and deep emotions.

Our goal is always to tell the story of a genuine and authentic love you have.

For info and  pricing, please visit our website:  jaykowalikphotography.com

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