Choosing the perfect wedding band with The Beat Collective

Choosing the perfect wedding band with The Beat Collective

Choosing the perfect wedding band with The Beat Collective

When it comes to music, it’s always a personal decision. But, when it comes to wedding music it’s a little more than that. Finding the right wedding band for your day is kind of like trying to find a one-size-fits-all for everyone’s taste. For this reason, hiring an experienced wedding band really does make all the difference. We caught up with The Beat Collective to ask them their advice on choosing the perfect wedding band.

Why should someone consider booking a function band?

The evening entertainment is often the part of the day that guests comment on the most – apart from how beautiful the bride looks of course. It’s the time of day when the food has settled, the alcohol is flowing and the evening guests arrive expecting to dance the night away. Of course, hiring a DJ does cover this requirement. When you hire a band, you can look over the set list, take out certain songs, request specific special tunes to be included, and have the band learn your first dance, making for a special, personal moment. Furthermore, with most bands such as The Beat Collective, there is a free iPod disco option included, saving potentially hundreds of pounds on a separate DJ – who will most likely be using the same system we do.

Choosing the perfect wedding band with The Beat Collective

Aren’t Function Bands Expensive?

Some function bands can cost a lot of money. Some are overpriced, particularly the further south you go. But don’t always just go for the cheaper option. Don’t forget, you are looking to book professional musicians who will go that extra mile for you, not just a bunch of friends who want to make some quick cash. The Beat Collective all studied music to degree level, and spent months rehearsing the perfect set that we know is appreciated by all ages of wedding guests. Furthermore, we ensure the sound is perfectly balanced – loud on the dance floor but quiet enough off it so your more laid back guests can catch up and talk as we play, tapping their feet along whilst still being able to make conversation. Our thorough sound check ensures there’s no nasty feedback or dodgy equipment that could potentially ruin your evening.

Try to remember also that a band of five members will be arriving on a Saturday night at approximately 5pm, playing until midnight and packing down then leaving at around 1am. If you asked five plumbers to do the same job at that time on a Saturday night, you’d soon reconsider your opinion that hiring a professional function band is expensive. The Beat Collectives prices start at around £900, varying depending on location and personal requirements.

Choosing the perfect wedding band with The Beat Collective

How Far In Advance Should I Book?

With just 20% of the full fee payable upfront, it makes sense to book your wedding band as soon as possible. At The Beat Collective, we have received enquiries for 2015 as far back as January 2013, and the best bands do tend to get booked up early on.

The Beat Collective are a cool, exciting and vibrant five piece function band. They are based in Leeds, Yorkshire, but travel nationwide, having played as far north as Glasgow and as far south as Cornwall last year. If you have a wedding or event coming up, get in touch with them, via email or contact Andy on 07921 170655.

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